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CRCIT - Cybersecurity, IT Support & Managed IT Services

We provide a wide range of additional consulting & add-on services. Please see our services for more information.

8 Big Reasons To Choose CRCIT For Your Business


We develop customized 3 & 5 year IT management plans that provide specific solutions and budgets to our clients IT network challenges.


We reduce operational expenses for our clients by an average of $2500 per employee per year. Allowing them to re-invest the savings into high-performing and highly secure technology solutions.


Our technicians work with our clients’ software, SaaS & technology vendors to make sure their programs work seamlessly on all servers and computers used by our clients.


We answer the phones live and respond to tickets immediately. We do so with the goal to permanently resolve any IT issue you may be experiencing.


We provide proactive IT management to all servers and computers with 24/7 cybersecurity oversight so our clients can rest easy knowing their IT infrastructure will be free from downtime.


We do not require any long-term service contracts which allows our clients to hold us accountable for providing top notch service and support at all times. However, clients benefit from an included 10% discount for annual renewal & payment options.


We offer fixed pricing for all of our services packages so you will know exactly you are paying for, for each month of service.


We offer a proven, multi-layered cybersecurity stack & management process that catches and resolves potential breaches before they can do harm.

Testimonials From Customers Who Recommend CRCIT

John Altomare

You know that feeling you have when you are dealing with the owner of the company, that knows your business, understands your goals, and concerns and does everything to make sure it gets done right? That’s the feeling you get when you work with CRCIT. They provide proactive IT strategies which have addressed our IT challenges competently and efficiently with concierge like responsiveness.

Erin Pratt

I have been doing business with CRCIT for more than 6 years. They have extremely fast response times with any issue we've run into and they have us protected in every possible way from cyber attack. I absolutely LOVE working with CRCIT and without a doubt I can say they are the most responsive, professional, and trustworthy IT providers you will find. Stop struggling with IT & security for your business and go with CRCIT!

Nicholas Kaltsas

One of the best things about working with CRCIT is that when a problem is resolved other problems do not result from the fix! Their fixes are always a true resolution of the problem. Their response time is prompt and limit the problems I encounter. Better yet they are cost effective, other companies were WAY too much money. For anyone looking for an IT vendor, you will not be disappointed with CRCIT, instead you will be pleasantly surprised!

Jay Macklow

Working with CRCIT keeps my mind at ease knowing that my firm’s technology/computers are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They address any concerns, questions, or IT issues promptly and without delay and are easily reached via email, text, or phone. David and his team are very knowledgeable, up to date on new technology/security threats, and are always accessible to address your IT needs.

John Spillane

CRCIT has helped transform our IT infrastructure. Their IT helpdesk is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Their project managers can communicate effectively and convey concepts of the most complex technologies in the simplest ways to understand. This allows me to make effective decisions as an owner. Don’t hesitate… this team is amazing. They are truly second to none.


Our Cybersecurity Stack

Cybersecurity requires a multilayered approach including a mix of software, threat logging, training and device management paired together to thwart thieves. Our cybersecurity stack is custom tailored to the requirements of your business.

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Event Management

Security Event Management tools, along with custom alerting rules, notify our technicians of threats.

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Firewall Management

A securely setup, zero-trust firewall architecture, can aid in blocking threats internally and externally.

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Device Management

User devices pose the largest threat to business. Properly preventing user-introduced malware is essential.

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Training & Support

Educating your employees on new threats will arm them with the knowledge to thwart attempts.


Fully Managed Services

The average salary of an IT technician can cost you $90,000 or more annually, assuming you can find someone qualified enough to handle your growing network. Most IT technicians don't understand security. We do. Why hire one unqualified IT technician when you can hire a whole company worth of support at a fraction of the cost?

  • Third Party & Operating System Patches
  • Anti-Virus & Advanced Threat Detection
  • Application Safelisting
  • Script Automation
  • HIPAA, PCI & DSS Compliance
  • Hundred's Of System Checks Reviewed Every 15 Minutes
  • Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Device Encryption
  • Document & Server Backup
  • Award Winning Help Desk Response

Does your business already have its own IT department? No problem! CRCIT will work with your existing staff to augment your business with modern software, tools, and support.

ThreatLocker® vs. Carbon Black checklist showing ThreatLocker® as the better option

ThreatLocker® Zero Trust

Every installation of our Complete Care plans include ThreatLocker® as a standard feature. Why do we use it and how does it protect your business?

It Stops Data Theft

If you’re not fully aware of your data storage devices at all times, they are vulnerable. ThreatLocker® lets you track and control external and internal data access. Block data theft before it can happen!

It Stops Remote Access Attacks

Remote access for outside users is vital for today’s businesses, but it’s also a fertile avenue of attack for cybercriminals. ThreatLocker® sees to it that even authorized visitors to your systems can’t let malware in.

It Stops Ransomware, Malware & Zero Day Exploits

ThreatLocker® uses Application Control techniques to stop zero-day malware exploits. Ransomware and other malicious software can copy or encrypt your files in a few minutes and unfortunately, antivirus vendors are too slow to update their definitions against threats in time.

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A screenshot of our ticketing portal showing open and closed tickets

Customer Ticketing Portal

Remote & File Restoration Tools

The client ticketing portal allows you to create, respond-to, and update tickets on an organizational or individual device level. End-users can also access our remote control and file restoration tools from the same portal, making it your go-to IT interface.

Track & Report On Ticket Outcomes

The dashboard provides device health, performance, and ticket status at an organizational or individual device level, so you’ll always know how our team is performing on your devices. Built-in ticket reporting allows our team to present you with the data that matters most.

A screenshot of an example Executive Report and the information you will see on it

Receive Key Monthly Performance Indicators Via Executive Reports

Easy to read executive reports and more advanced reporting can be customized for your every need. Track your site performance, health score, security events, security patches and more. Our reports help you make informed decisions as a business owner regarding your IT infrastructure.

Easy Metrics

Easy to understand metrics and graphics. We detail the services provided to you each month by our team.

Via Secure Email

Our reports are sent on the 1st of each month, directly to any person or team of people you wish to receive them!

Is Your Current IT Company Doing Their Job?

10 Questions To Ask Them.

If your current IT company does not score a “Yes” on every point, they are NOT adequately protecting you! Do not let them “convince” you otherwise and do not give them a free pass on ANY of these critical points.

Further, it’s important that you get verification on the items listed. Simply asking, “Do you have insurance to cover US if you make a mistake?” is good, but getting a copy of their policy or other verification is critical. When push comes to shove, they can deny they told you.

Specifically to review and discuss what they are doing to protect you? Have they told you about new and inexpensive tools such as Dark Web monitoring or advanced endpoint detection? There has been considerable talk in the IT industry that antivirus is dead, unable to prevent the sophisticated attacks we’re seeing today. If your IT provider isn't constantly evolving their tools and educating you on new threats, they aren't doing you any favors. If you are outsourcing your IT support, they should, at a minimum, provide you with a quarterly review of what they’ve done and are doing to protect you. They should also evolve with the industry and keep up ontop of new tools and trends.

On what schedule? Daily? Weekly? At all? Are they reviewing your firewall’s event logs for suspicious activity and updating it's firmware? How do you know for sure? Are they providing any kind of verification to you or your team? Make sure they are reporting to you regularly about their performance. Don't waste money with an ineffective IT team! It's NOT worth it.

Make sure you have the right kind of insurance to protect against fraud, cyber liability, or financial theft! Did you know your company's bank account doesn’t enjoy the same protections as a personal bank account when it comes to fraud? If a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank is NOT responsible for replacing your funds. (Don’t believe me? Go ask your bank what their policy is on refunding stolen money from your account.) Many people erroneously believe the FDIC protects them from fraud; it doesn't. It protects you from bank insolvency. Do they have adequate insurance to cover you if they make a mistake and your network is compromised? Do you have a copy of their current policy? Does it cover you for losses and damages?

Do they require quarterly password updates for all employees? If an employee is fired or quits, do they have a process in place to make sure passwords are changed & accounts are locked from access? Have they discussed and/or implemented “multi-factor authentication” for access? Multi Factor authentication protects you in the event that your credentials are compromised with an additional layer of security making your account inaccessible to criminals.

Web-filtering prevents websites you DO NOT want your employees accessing at work, such as adult content or gambling sites, which are still the #1 items searched for from business environments. These sites can expose you to harassment lawsuits or worse! Not to mention the distraction and time wasted on your payroll with your company-owned equipment. Security Incident & Event Management tools allow IT analyst teams to review traffic in and out of your network and create remediation plans if security events are uncovered. The newest XDR technologies, from vendors like Sophos (a leader in cyber security technology), use machine deep learning to identify threats that may have gotten past your defenses. Remember: it's not "if" - it's "when!"

Have they offered to help you create a WISP (Written Information Security Policy) as Massachusetts CMR.17 requires? Employees accidentally clicking on a phishing e-mail and accidentally downloading an infected file or malicious application is still the #1 way cybercriminals get onto your systems. Training your employees FREQUENTLY is one of the most important protections you can put in place. Seriously, do not give them a pass on this!

Do they have anyone on staff with CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) or CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certifications? Do they require their Tier 1 helpdesk techs to maintain continuing education certifications like A+, Net+ and Security+ from CompTia? Do they have anyone on staff experienced in conducting qualified security risk assessments to ensure nothing has been overlooked?

To prevent the sending/receiving of confidential or protected data? Properly configured e-mail systems can automatically prevent e-mails containing specified data, like social security numbers, from being sent or received. New email encryption, antivirus and spam prevention technologies add additional layers of security. How often do they audit your system?

One of the reasons the WannaCry virus was so devastating was because it was designed to find, corrupt and encrypt backup files as well as your data. Ask them to verify they have you covered. You might think you have it in place - because that’s what your IT vendor is telling you. Get proof.

Ask them what tool they use. Safelisting has long been considered the gold standard in protecting businesses from known and unknown executables. Unlike antivirus, Allowlisting puts you in control over what software, scripts, executables, and libraries can run on your endpoints and servers. This approach not only stops malicious software, but it also stops other unpermitted applications from running. We deploy ThreatLocker® for this reason. Can our competition compare? Keep scrolling to see how ThreatLocker® is better than their competitor's products.

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