Cybersecurity as a Service

The average salary of an IT technician can cost you $90,000 or more annually, assuming you can find someone qualified enough to handle your growing network. Most IT technicians don't understand security. We do. Why hire one unqualified IT technician when you can hire a whole company worth of support at a fraction of the cost?

  • Third Party & Operating System Patches
  • Anti-Virus & Advanced Threat Detection
  • Application Safelisting
  • Script Automation
  • HIPAA, PCI & DSS Compliance
  • Hundred's Of System Checks Reviewed Every 15 Minutes
  • Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Device Encryption
  • Document & Server Backup
  • Award Winning Help Desk Response

Does your business already have its own IT department? No problem! CRCIT will work with your existing staff to augment your business with modern software, tools, and support.


Our Cybersecurity Stack

Cybersecurity requires a multilayered approach including a mix of software, threat logging, training and device management paired together to thwart thieves. Our cybersecurity stack is custom tailored to the requirements of your business.

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Event Management

Security Event Management tools, along with custom alerting rules, notify our technicians of threats.

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Firewall Management

A securely setup, zero-trust firewall architecture, can aid in blocking threats internally and externally.

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Device Management

User devices pose the largest threat to business. Properly preventing user-introduced malware is essential.

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Training & Support

Educating your employees on new threats will arm them with the knowledge to thwart attempts.